We Have a New Sign!

Without a doubt, the new sign at the Westnedge store is the exciting development this week. Earlier this year I got up on a ladder in the driveway next door at West Main to take pictures of the existing sign at as close to a straight-on angle as I could. The sign shop took those pictures and created a new sign that looks almost exactly like the old one. The pictures below aren’t perfect comparisons because one was taken in cloudy conditions and the other on a sunny day, but even the colors are dead ringers.

Here’s the new sign going up on Monday.

Yesterday yours truly had a training session with Don from the sign shop to learn how to program the LED portion of the sign.

Here it is with the LED portion turned on for the first time.

Aside from our own advertising, we felt it would be fitting in the first messages shown on the sign to include thank yous to the businesses that have worked hard to build the new Westnedge store.

We’re definitely into the final stretch now!

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