Our Difference

At Ziggy’s Auto Sales we offer a refreshingly different no-pressure vehicle purchasing experience. What makes Ziggy’s Auto Sales so different? We’re glad you asked!

No Over-Eager Salespeople
At Ziggy’s Auto Sales we don’t have salespeople who wander the lot like sharks cruising for the next catch. Expect us to greet you and ask if you have questions or need help, but if you just want to browse our selection we’ll let you do so in peace.

Clearly Marked Prices
Every vehicle at Ziggy’s Auto Sales has a price tag displayed prominently in the window, allowing you to compare prices with ease so you know how much money you can save. No mysterious tags promising payments “as low as $249/month!” here.

Low Prices Every Day
Some dealerships have periodic sales. We work hard to keep our overhead to a minimum so we can pass the savings on to you and offer you low prices all the time. And, the prices at Ziggy’s Auto Sales are the same whether you have cash or need financing.

An Open Office
You won’t find cubicle after cubicle or a private manager’s office where negotiations happen out of your earshot. What you will find is an honest and up-front sales process where you work directly with the owner to arrive at a price for the vehicle you want to buy.

Flexible Hours
At Ziggy’s Auto Sales we recognize that in today’s busy world not everyone has the freedom to stop by during our normal business hours. That’s why we do our best to accommodate our customers’ schedules by offering evening and weekend hours by appointment.

Have It Inspected
We pride ourselves on selling quality vehicles here at Ziggy’s Auto Sales, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Feel free to take any of our vehicles to your mechanic of choice for an independent inspection.


We could keep talking, but as the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” We invite you to come visit us to see for yourself what makes Ziggy’s Auto Sales different.

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