Framing Continues

Framing continues at Westnedge this week. As of right now, the builders have gone as far as they can go until the trusses are delivered. That should happen tomorrow or Monday.

Family, friends and neighbors stop by now and then to check on the progress and chat with the builders or with Ziggy.

one of the volunteers from the secondhand store next door checks out the project

Mr. Hoeksema checks out the work his sons are doing

By the end of the day on Monday it was really looking like a building!

It's really starting to look like a building!

Tuesday morning the builders got right back to work.

the start of the day on Tuesday

When the walls were all framed up, OSB and Tyvek wrap came next.

unrolling the Tyvek

by the afternoon on Tuesday

"down... down... a little more to the left..."

nailing the OSB into place

On Wednesday they started on some of the interior walls.

interior walls

The electrical panel and the gas meter are installed and ready to go!

We're ready for electricity!

Ready for natural gas too!

Next week: trusses!

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