Customer Satisfaction Survey

At Ziggy’s Auto Sales we strive to provide friendly personal service and a pressure-free buying experience to every customer. If you recently purchased a vehicle from us we’d like to know if we succeeded or if we have room for improvement. Please tell us by filling out this survey. Note that fields indicated in red are required.

Did you call or send us an email prior to vising Ziggy's Auto Sales in person?


Did the staff at Ziggy's Auto Sales make you feel comfortable and treat you with respect? Please rate us on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means you strongly disagree and 5 means you strongly agree.


Thinking about when you took delivery of the vehicle you were purchasing (ie, when you came to the dealership to sign the paperwork and take possession of the vehicle), please answer yes or no to the following questions.

  • Were all your questions answered?

  • Was enough time spent with you?

  • Did your salesperson take the time to explain each document you signed?

  • If you purchased a service contract (also called an extended warranty), were all the terms explained to you?


Overall how satisfied were you with your entire purchase experience? Please rate us on a scale of 1 to 5, where a rating of 1 means you were very dissatisfied while a rating of 5 means you were very satisfied.


If you were not able to answer "very satisfied" to the previous question, we appreciate you taking a moment to tell us how we could have done better.

Would you recommend Ziggy's Auto Sales to someone else?

I definitely wouldI probably wouldneutralI would probably notI would definitely not

How did you find out about the vehicle you purchased? (Please choose the best option.)

I am a repeat customer.A friend or family member referred me.I live nearby.I drive past the store on my way to work/school/church/etc.I saw it on saw it on saw it on Craigslist.I saw it on another web site.I was referred by another dealer.Other.

Were you looking for a specific vehicle or were you more interested in staying within a budget?

I was looking for a specific vehicle.I was trying not to spend more than a certain dollar amount.I was trying to keep my monthly payment under a certain dollar amount.None of the above.

If you would like to tell us something about your purchase or ownership experience that has not been covered in this survey, please type your comments in the box provided below. Thank you again for your patronage and for helping us better to serve you.

The information below helps us identify you as one of our customers and provides us with a way to follow up with you in the future. We value your privacy and will never "spam" you or sell your information to other companies.

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