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Did Someone Call Security?

Now that the sewer pipes and drains and dry wells have all been put in the ground, the concrete company could come back this week and pour the cement on the north side of the building. Meanwhile, inside, the heating and cooling guys continue to work and the alarm company came to install the security […]

Siding and Stucco

This week the builders sided the garage portion of the building… The electricians are working inside on wiring and installing lighting and outlets and switches… And the stucco guys are working on the outside of the front office. They must enjoy their work, because some of them hammed it up for the camera.

Looking Through Glass

At last, the windows and the front door have been installed and the building can be locked up at the end of the day. Now we have a new Westnedge key to go with the original Westnedge keys we kept as souvenirs. This is what the front looked like on Wednesday during the installation: The […]

What’s Behind Doors 1 and 2

Not much has happened this week with the continued heat wave and yesterday’s holiday cutting the week in half. We do have garage doors now, and the builders have installed some of the soffit (which you can see in the first picture below). Our appointment with the glass company to have windows and doors installed […]

Gas & Electric

I had to resist using a lame He-Man reference for the title of this week’s blog! We now have power thanks to Consumers Energy coming to hook up the gas and electric. Here’s how the front entryway and the roof looked on Monday.

the Heat is On

Outside, that is. Temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s combined with blazing sunshine to drive heat indices over the 100º mark Monday through Wednesday, so most days the crews would start early in the morning and quit by 1 or 2pm in the afternoon to avoid working in the hottest part of the day. (Heat […]

Raising the Roof

Roof trusses went up this week! Here is the whole pile after it was delivered late on Friday: On Monday the crew started placing the trusses that could be lifted with a SkyTrak. They started putting up sheets of OSB while waiting for the big crane to arrive. This afternoon the crane arrived to lift […]

Framing Continues

Framing continues at Westnedge this week. As of right now, the builders have gone as far as they can go until the trusses are delivered. That should happen tomorrow or Monday. Family, friends and neighbors stop by now and then to check on the progress and chat with the builders or with Ziggy. By the […]

Framing Begins at Westnedge

With the concrete floors poured, framing could begin this week! Due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday and the rain we’re having today the builders have only worked two days this week, but the building has come quite far in only two days! What started out as this big pile of lumber… …has been […]

Some Concrete Progress This Week

Not much happened last week because we were waiting for our appointment to have the cement floors poured. Here is a shot of the sewer and water hookups after the plumber was finished. On Friday afternoon workers from the concrete company laid down the prep materials for the cement. Early on Saturday morning the crew […]