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Thank You to Our Contractors

With Thanksgiving being mere days away, we thought this the perfect time to express our thanks to the contractors who contributed to making the new Westnedge store a reality. Custom Servicing tile and flooring Excel Office Interiors Dania Furniture Wightman-Ward surveying architech Howard Overbeek Big C Lumber Keller Pest Control Siding World Don Miller Plastering […]

Today Is Opening Day

And we’re not talking about deer season! *wink*

The Final Countdown

We’re down to the last days before opening at Westnedge! The toilet flushes in the bathroom, the sink runs and drains, the drinking fountain works, and most of the trim has been put up. The handicap grab bars for the bathroom should be arriving via UPS on Monday and will be installed along with the […]

The Long and Winding Road… to Choosing a Floor Covering

Originally the plan was to have the concrete floor inside the office area stained or coated with an epoxy. Both are very popular floor treatments lately and have been done in all kinds of buildings from restaurants to retail stores to places of worship. Because this was not a floor treatment that we’ve had experience […]

We Have a New Sign!

Without a doubt, the new sign at the Westnedge store is the exciting development this week. Earlier this year I got up on a ladder in the driveway next door at West Main to take pictures of the existing sign at as close to a straight-on angle as I could. The sign shop took those […]

Landscaping and Progress Inside the Garage

Labor Day weekend our project was the landscaping at Westnedge. In the south corner by the road we now have lollipop crabapple trees that flower in the spring surrounded by two kinds of barberry bushes. We spent time considering what to plant in front of the building so that what we chose would look good […]

More Drywall, Interior Steel, and the Last of the Concrete

Here’s the siding company delivering the steel for the walls inside the garage. One of the guys working on the drywall uses stilts rather than scaffolding to reach up to the ceiling. It looks like fun, but I’m sure there’s a trick to doing it without falling down! With any luck, this should be the […]

Insulation, Stone, and Drywall

While the City worked on fixing the sewer line, work continued on the inside and outside of the building. The interior is now insulated and the drywall work should be finished next week. The exterior is being finished off with stack stone. Barring any (more) unforeseen complications, we hope that the building project will be […]

We’ve Got the Hookup

To the sanitary sewer, that is. The City of Kalamazoo had to bring in big equipment to fix the pipe underneath Westnedge so we could get connected. Because that section of Westnedge is part of the US-131 Business Loop, M-DOT also needed to be involved. Talk about complicated! I’m told that the crew had to […]

Stamp of Approval

Aside from having concrete poured on the south side of the building, this week has largely been another “hurry up and wait” week. We are still waiting on the framing inspection, but at least the electrical and plumbing work has received the stamp of approval. On Wednesday concrete was poured on the south side of […]